“My approach of architecture and design cannot be defined by an immutable rule… Every architecture project founds its basis in a specific research of style and the systemic analysis of the problematic. A building is the sum of all the components and should manifest the inner complexity of its condition.

My purpose when I design is to reach the point of excellence. I can’t stand the simplicity, the vulgar or the common… Every object must be pushed further until becoming self-standing… When an object pleases and exists for himself only, then, will I admit it is a success.

For a long time, I was told that I have expensive tastes… Mansions, cars, women… I am actually looking for a very particular relationship with the objects I worship. My research is firstly an esthetic research. Beauty is a religion, or is not.

One of my ambitions is to leave the sphere of the ” fashionable architecture ” to concentrate on the work of style, taste, and excellence because… Fashion becomes out of date, style never…”


About the author

Aristide Van Roy was born in Brussels in October 1989 in a middle class family: his father works as an industrial engineer and his mother as a secretary. At the early age of twelve he discovered the Victor Horta’s House, which became the source of his first passion : Architecture. His life is going to be the place of numerous short but intense passions: drawing, music, poetry, jazz, painting, photography, design… They all lead to Architecture in a sense that a building has the power to put them all at play. According to him, life is a big painting where the Architect understands every discipline enough to know what it is about, the essence,  but  quite not enough to pretend knowing everything on it. His major influences includes Adolf Loos, Carlo Mollino, Jean Cocteau, Peter Eisenman and Helmut Newton. Many studies were made on the architecture and spatial organization of Adolf Loos (1870-1933). Aristide intends to keep the legacy of his master and research new combinations on the Raumplan.