Fragrance table

The Fragrance table is designed as a large table for multi-purpose use. Its dimensions (220x114x73,5cm) allow up to eight persons. It can be easily moved by two men. During the process, two poplar plywood sheets were used (240x122x1,8cm). The CNC milling machine cut them in two different depths. The pieces interlock and form a stable structure. The four legs are mountable on the main body. When unmounted, the table is very compact. It takes half an hour to put all the pieces together.
This project will be soon available on the famous site Opendesk. Every person having a large CNC machine and materials can build herself the table at home. Click here for more informations: Fragrance table

Photographs by La Grotte:

Design in partnership with Opendesk

Fragrance-table-Van Roy-Aristide-26-10-2014-a

Fragrance-table-Van Roy-Aristide-26-10-2014-b

Fragrance-table-Van Roy-Aristide-26-10-2014-c

Fragrance-table-Van Roy-Aristide-26-10-2014-d